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The Law Office of Barbara Maroney, P.C. has over 30 years experience in collecting judgments of all types.  

The Firm uses state-of-the-art equipment and databases to efficiently file garnishments, both wage and bank account, executions, judgment debtor examinations, and charging orders.  The Firm utilizes up to date skip-tracing databases to assist in the location of individuals and asset information.  The firm also utilizes several asset location companies in addition to utilizing various public search engines to obtain information. 

The Firm can tailor collection services to a particular client’s needs, including several points of contact with customers including an initial demand letter, phone calls, and a series of collection letters.  The Firm is skilled in the negotiation of pre-litigation work out agreements to maximize recovery in the event of litigation.  
The Firm represents Judgment Creditors of all kinds, including those judgments arising out of contract, personal injury, and family court judgments for support and maintenance.

The Firm can provide the following collection actions:

• Garnishments-both wage and bank account assets, as well as receivables
• Judgment Debtor Examinations-requiring personal appearance and asset documentation
• Charging Orders against LLC and partnership interests
• Fraudulent Transfer litigation post-judgment to recover hidden or transferred assets
• Pursuit of Revocable and Irrevocable Trust Assets-Sham Trusts
• Alter Ego and Successor Liability execution actions
• Writs of General Execution and Special Execution as to both real estate and personal property assets

Mrs. Maroney’s fees arrangements are typically on an hourly basis but contingency representation will be considered in any appropriate case.  Please call to discuss the fee arrangement that will be appropriate in your case.