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All types of judgments can be domesticated to Arizona, including contract debts, personal injury judgments, and family court judgments for support or maintenance.  Because Arizona is a community property state, special considerations will apply when attempting to collect against one spouse in Arizona.  Mrs. Maroney is knowledgeable and experienced in maximizing collection against the marital community for domesticated judgments.
Once Mrs. Maroney domesticates a judgment from another state into the Arizona courts, the judgment has the same force and effect as if the judgment had been obtained from an Arizona court. Mrs. Maroney is then able to utilize all collection efforts and laws available under Arizona law to collect from the debtor.  Mrs. Maroney can assist in determining the location of assets in Arizona and recovering the judgment balance.
Mrs. Maroney’s fees arrangements are typically on an hourly basis but contingency representation will be considered in any appropriate case.  Please call to discuss the fee arrangement that will be appropriate in your case.

The Firm takes judgments obtained from courts in every other state in the United States and transfers (“domesticates”) those judgments in Arizona. Judgment domestication is required to collect against debtors who live in Arizona or who have assets in Arizona.